January 13, 2023

How we took a client from £300k a year to £600k revenue in less than 5 months 📈

This client approached us after 6 months of working with a large US agency who struggled to generate above 0.8x ROAS. At this point, the brand was generating around £300k in revenue in 2 months.

Since partnering with us in September 2021, the brand has now surprassed over £640k in revenue in less than 5 months. So, how did we do it?

Step 1: Complete rehaul of Facebook Ads with new content

We saw potential in running TikTok style content for their Meta Ads - something they had not tried before. Immediately we saw proof of concept in this style of content and arranged a content consultation with the client to share further ideas.

Step 2: Launching of Google Ads

The previous agency told this brand they were in too much of a competitive space for Google Ads to work for their brand.

Using our successful strategy, we've maintained an extremely high ROAS for this platform.

Step 3: Refinement of TikTok Ads

Before partnering with us, this client had seen some success with TikTok Ads. However, they no longer had the time to dedicate to this platform, and saw a decline in performance as a result.

We consulted on new content to create and quickly took this platform from breaking even on a 1x ROAS for months, to over a 4x ROAS. Since partnering, we've helped generate £128k through Shopify Sales from TikTok Ads, and an additional £138k through TikTok Shop. Taking their total revenue generated from TikTok Ads to £268k from just £63k ad spend.

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How we took a client from £300k a year to £600k revenue in less than 5 months