January 13, 2023

3 Essential Marketing Strategies You Must Implement For Growth This Year

Today's blog post is inspired by our most successful clients. We've noticed the most success & growth from brands who implement these 3 marketing strategies.

Applying these strategies allowed us to maintain a 5 x ROAS across Meta, Google & TikTok with over $150k ad spend for 12 months for our fashion brand.

And allowed us to scale our client’s revenue from £20k months to generating over £148k revenue in our first 3 months.

1. Appealing To a Niche Audience

You may feel that limiting your audience to a specific niche may limit your sales, but this is not the case!

Ironically enough, we've noticed massive growth for clients who operate in a smaller niche and only appeal to a specific audience, that brands that appeal to almost everyone.

This is because you can really narrow down your messaging towards this ideal customer, so that when they see your ad, they know it is intended for them and they feel heard.

You can still appeal to a wide audience, however really refining your marketing messaging towards this one ideal customer will convert them much quicker to a customer.

Furthermore, clients with a niche audience tend to create more of a community. Their customers closely follow their moves and get excited at any new product launches. If you don't already have a community building strategy, Facebook groups are a great place to start!

2. Applying an Omni-Channel Strategy

At Develop Digital, we are very passionate about the importance of an omni-channel strategy and the impact this can have on your growth.

If you have built your ecommerce brand relying on 1 or 2 marketing channels, you could be in a very risky position if anything were to ever happen to one of these. For example, if your business heavily relies on Instagram organic sales, imagine if this account was compromised, even if it were only for a day.

This is why we recommend applying an omni-channel strategy. The ideal scenario for this would be: 10-30% of your sales coming from 4-5 marketing channels. This could include organic Instagram, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Organic and email marketing. This will completely depend on your unique business.

However, you can start to see that if only 10-20% of your sales relied on Instagram organic, you are in a much better position than if 50% of your sales came from this channel.

3. Customer Focused Content

Most brand owners struggle with what content to create that actually converts their audience. We totally understand, TikTok soared to the scene less than 2 years ago and took us all by surprise. Since then, the style and types of content we create has changed dramatically.

Short-form video content is an absolute must if you are looking to take advantage of the opportunity TikTok has presented as a marketing channel for your brand.

So, I'm going to let you into our secret client content strategy to help you get started.

We recommend our clients to adopt something called a "customer focused strategy". Very simply, this involves using all the reasons people buy from you to create high-converting content for new audiences, combined with question answering videos to create objection handling content.

The best place to find inspriation for these video are in your Instagram & TikTok comments and your DM's. This is where people ask very raw questions and send very honest feedback. Use this information to create new content and not only will this appeal to your new customers, but it will also answer any questions they may have that are stopping them from becoming a customer.

3 Essential marketing strategies you must implement for growth this year