Growth-Driven Results For Multi 6 & 7 Figure Brands
UK Based Beauty Brand
464% increase in sales whilst reducing cost per acquisition
Back Story💪

Before we took over this account, their ROAS was 0.8x. They had big growth goals and were ready to scale with improved performance.

What we did:

Straight away, we recognised an opportunity to test creator-led videos to freshen up the Meta creative strategy. We also launched Google Ads to support an omni-channel strategy, whilst optimising their emails.

Their results :

You will be supporting the core offering of our business: running paid advertising for our clients. This is a perfect opportunity to create marketing strategies for super fun brands who you've likely seen go viral on TikTok recently!
See what founder,
Daisy has to say:
Daisy's Results:
Lash Brand: Doubled monthly revenue with blended 4.6x ROAS
from 100k to 200k months in 3 months
Back Story💪

This lash brand approached us after reaching a ceiling with their organic sales. They knew ads were the next natural step to scaling their brand from 7 to multi-7 figures, but needed a team they could trust.

✅Their results :

Immediately, they saw 60-80% increase in their monthly sales, with a hugely profitable blended ROAS of 4.6x across Meta and Google.We are also acquiring new customers for a cost of £3.30, adding an extra £50k in new customer revenue every single month.

So far we’ve generated over £600,000 from our paid ads strategies.
We’re also helping to achieve a £3.30 new customer cost per acquisition, and 2.7x Blended NC-ROAS (new customer ROAS), which is hugely profitable!
109% increase in sales for this make-up brand
from 1.5x ROAS to 2.5x ROAS with a scaled ad spend
Back Story💪

This brand came to us stuck at £50-80k months, with their Facebook and Google Ads never reaching over a 1.5x ROAS. Struggling to scale with poor performance, this client was relying on repeat customers to generate sales.

✅Their results

Immediately we refreshed their ads strategies to align with 2023 updated, with afocus on new customer acquisition. We also tested founder-led content, which outperformed any type of creatives this brand had ever tested.
Their results: Since partnering with Develop Digital, in 3.5 months we've achieved their first £100k+ sales month and successfully improved their blended ROAS on Meta & Google to 2.5x.
Nail Brand:From £30k months to £100k months in 6 months
3x Blended Return On Ad Spend
Back Story💪

This brand approached us with the goal to scale their brand from 20-30k months, to 7 figure annual revenue. Their previous agency were unable to ever generate their profitable results, so this client needed a team that understood their brand and goals.

What we did:

Immediately we launched Meta and Google Ads with creatives & messaging that resonated with this client's niche target customer. We also refreshed their entire email marketing strategy.

✅Their results

All together, we've helped this client scale from avergaging £20-30k months, to £100k months in the space of 6 months! Their sales are up 600% compared to last year.

More performance-drive results

UK Baby Clothing Brand

✅ £8k ad spend
✅  £65k sales revenue
✅  22.2% increase in sales
✅  82% increase in Google Ads performance

Women's Clothing Brand

✅  200% increase in sales
✅  $291k sales in 5 months
✅  $24k ad spend

Skincare & Haircare Brand

✅  £11k ad spend
✅  1,491% increase in sales for Black Friday
✅  £100k Klaviyo email revenue

Beauty Brand

✅  200% increase in sales
✅  25% reduction in MER
✅  £68k ad spend

Fashion Brand

✅  $881k sales in 4 months
✅  5.22 Blended ROAS
✅  $71k ad spend

Nail Accessories Brand

✅  £150k sales in 3 months
✅  6x Blended ROAS
✅ 280% increase in revenue

Kind words from happy clients

As a small business my main concern was feeling supported and involved through the process. The service provided by Charlotte & Caitlin was fantastic from the start and has never waivered. From the onset, they provide complete and clear instructions to get set-up & started.

Their knowledge extends beyond just facebook ads and their suggestions into store optimizations have made a world of difference along with email strategies and many other avenues we are yet to explore! I have complete confidence in the strategies put forward by the team because my results improve as each month passes.

- Charlotte, AU Baby Brand Owner

Within the first three months of hiring Develop Digital, our online sales revenue increased by an average of 32% per month.

Through testing and more testing, they have worked on optimizing our paid ads for the best results. And when there are seasonal dips in sales, they are proactive about how we can generate more revenue.

The entire team has always been exceptionally kind, attentive, and helpful. Charlotte and Caitlin are great communicators and really spend time with me during our biweekly meetings to make sure they’ve answered all of my questions.

- Olivia, G, US Fashion Brand Owner

I can't say enough amazing things about the team at Develop Digital.

They are some of the best people out there in the industry. The honesty, dedication, commitment and knowledge they bring is so refreshing.

- Amber K, CA Hair Oil Brand Owner

You guys are so supportive and just so normal too! Some of these agencies are very corporate and not as humanised as you! Makes all the difference!

Our turnover is on track to do half a mil this year
(my financial year is Dec - Jan. So that’s just over £42k a month which we are hitting together!
Just last year I had 2 agencies tell me I’d struggle to get to £325k in a year. We’ve done £148k in the last 3 months. They both said we couldn’t run ads as theres not enough profit in the products.
All it needs is the right team to work together and to believe in you!

- Katie, C. UK Based Nail Brand Owner

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In revenue
Setting up email marketing has been truly transformational for this client.

Not only has their CPA reduced drastically, they are reconverting customers who haven't purchased in months.
In revenue
Working long term with this client has led to a very optimised email acquisition & retention strategy, attributing to 45-55% of monthly sales on average
In revenue
We just set up email marketing for the first time with this client and generated $64k in the first month!
Increase in revenue
We've worked with this client long term to optimise their revenue from Klaviyo to a huge 42% in October.
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"I can't say enough amazing things about the team at Develop Digital. They are some of the best people out there in the industry. The honesty, dedication, commitment and knowledge they bring is so refreshing"
- Amber, Hair Care Brand Owner
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